Mentor Editorial Policies

Editorial Discretion

Mentor has complete control and full discretion of what gets published on the Portal and in the Magazine. We protect the right to amend any contribution and to reject submissions that do not meet our standards or those that do not align with the company’s values.

Article Coverage

The articles that get published on the Mentor Portal and the Magazine are guided by our editorial team’s judgment, direct inputs from our readers, interests of our audience, and our product offerings. Mentor only publishes articles that we strongly believe will be useful and serve our reader’s needs.

Article Correctness & Relevance

Mentor strives for the originality of the article, accuracy and relevance. Contributors are encouraged to list down any references that they have used. The Mentor editorial team always checks for accuracy of facts and the sources of information, and if necessary, corrects and updates the articles. We also strive to create and publish original content that is useful, concise and comprehensive – so our readers can use them as references, as and when required.

Open-Mindedness & Diversity

While we guide our writers and contributors on various topics, we also allow and encourage them to include their perspectives and opinions about the topics. Diversity in thought is welcome, and we also like to work with contributors from different nationalities, races, genders and life experiences.

Republished Content

The Mentor Portal will occasionally republish quality articles that have been published on other platforms as long as they meet our standards. For such articles, permission will be obtained from the author, due credit will be given, and the articles will not be subjected to any editing.

Engagement & Involvement

We love our community, so, we do our best to engage with our readers and ensure we respond in a timely and considerate manner. We also encourage sharing, engagement and comments on the published articles. However, personal attacks, harassment, and profanity of any sort will not be tolerated.


Mentor pursues partnerships and collaborations to serve our audience. Any such relationships will be openly disclosed.