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The dictionary defines “Literacy as Our ability to Read & Write”. But the world we live in today questions that definition; reading & writing alone does not make us competent to navigate life and its challenges. We need to relook

“Fear of my child missing out” Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a relatively new term in our vocabulary, but fear is as old as man itself. A few millennia ago, when man was a hunter-gatherer, ‘FOMO’ must have driven him

Way back in 1997 still a college kid I organised my first Interschool event called Activity, the idea of the event was to give a cool platform for students to participate. Over the years this event was renamed Wizkids more

Way back in 1999, as a young engineering student, I had a start-up in education called ‘Activity’, and we conduct- ed Life Skills workshops in schools of Bangalore and organised ‘Activity-TheKoolSkoolFestival’which later was rebranded and went on to become the

Over the past 2 years the number of people who now have access to internet has grown at an unprecedented rate. Thanks to the telecom providers vying for bandwidth and market share the prices of data have come down dramatically.

The MHRD recently came up with a very interesting announcement that the NCERT syllabus for schools across India would be reduced by half. From the outside it may seem like a hurried announcement, but the fact of the matter is

“Changes in school institution without considering societal needs at large will remain as arbitrary inventions of particular teachers.” Coaching classes over the past two decades have grown into one of the biggest educational businesses thriving on the lacunae in the quality

India is the suicide capital of the world is a known fact, what is also common knowledge to most educators is the fact that students form the majority of the suicide cases in India. Students land up taking this extreme

Over the past two months, I have been in the Middle East, meeting a lot educators and students of Indian schools. Over the past decade, I have had several interactions with schools in the region, and every time I land

Ever wondered what was made as a base on which modern European schooling has been modelled on?The answer is Prison or Jail. Sounds bizarre? Have a look at what’s common between these two institutions and you stop wondering. SCHOOL Cell (Classroom)Authoritarian StructureDress