Anna CorreaLifeskills an educator needs to be equipped with to handle a crisis It has been six months since the pandemic brought global activities to a protesting halt.  Schools were amongst the first to close down in India, with final exams

How a 29-year old manager accepted a challenge & went on to change the fate of a boarding school in Nainital & Riyadh This volume’s Cover Story has undergone a reformation and has been transformed into an insight into the world

The world’s simplest idea –the ‘Golden Circle’, coined by Mr.Simon Sinek. A man who deciphered the minds of leaders – leaders like the Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, etc. He said exceptional leaders had a way of life;

Dilemmas of an educator while leading The success of a school depends oneffective leadership anddecision-making capabilities. The decision-making process in any school system has to be systematic and rational or else it can damage the school’s image and can create a

A Look at the Subtleties That Transform Principals into CEOs Schools of yesteryears were school-centric, meant to make children learn and make their living. Over the years, schools have evolved many folds and are now student-centric. They are beyond the idea