Anna CorreaLifeskills an educator needs to be equipped with to handle a crisis It has been six months since the pandemic brought global activities to a protesting halt.  Schools were amongst the first to close down in India, with final exams

How a 29-year old manager accepted a challenge & went on to change the fate of a boarding school in Nainital & Riyadh This volume’s Cover Story has undergone a reformation and has been transformed into an insight into the world

The world’s simplest idea –the ‘Golden Circle’, coined by Mr.Simon Sinek. A man who deciphered the minds of leaders – leaders like the Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, etc. He said exceptional leaders had a way of life;

Dilemmas of an educator while leading The success of a school depends oneffective leadership anddecision-making capabilities. The decision-making process in any school system has to be systematic and rational or else it can damage the school’s image and can create a

A Look at the Subtleties That Transform Principals into CEOs Schools of yesteryears were school-centric, meant to make children learn and make their living. Over the years, schools have evolved many folds and are now student-centric. They are beyond the idea

The Driving Force Behind Ownership, Belongingness and Commitment There has been plenty of debate and research over the aspects that attribute to a thriving school. What makes a school successful? What are the key factors that distinguish effective from the least

The Magical Journey of Learning Together This Volume’s Cover Story has undergone a reformation and has been transformed to provide an insight into the world/mind of a leader. In this particular story, we travel to Pune through the vivid words of

The word ‘Leadership’ has had various definitions. The definitions changed with the times and with the context in which it was used. What defined leadership in the industrial age is very different from what defines leadership in the knowledge era.

Being a Dealer of Hope Management is doing things right, but leadership is doing the right things. This is the essence of outstanding leadership. A leader has to be very conscious of telling the team what to do rather than how

The Qualities of Gandhi to Help Leaders Stay Ahead of the Curve Education is a double-edged sword. Masterminds can utilise it to make or mar the world. It’s the trait of life that confronts you with values and varied ways of