In 2016, over 41 million children under the age of five globally were estimated to be overweight. Today 1 in 5 children are overweight. Not only do these children suffer social stigma but their poor sense of self also hampers their

The new generation of learners having grown up with digital technologies necessitates new educational approach and techniques to motivate and engage learners.Gamification is a popular tactic implemented by educators to achieve their objectives and caters to evolving student needs of

Teachable Moment:Critical Media Literacy and Fake NewsIn the year 2016, it was announced by the Oxford Dictionaries that 'post-truth' is the word of the year and thereafter IFLA (International Federation of Library Association) took the charge of educating the society

The article by our young author lists down the innovative careers of future that are relatively lesser known and generally not on the school's radar. It also shares pointers on how schools can bridge the gap between them and the

This article is a great attempt by our student author to map the transformation of education with time. Recognising the school as an institution responsible for skilling the students in their formative years, the article identies the essential skills students'

This article by our student author is an attempt to shed light on the fact that schools today fail to educate them on things that are needed for life. Schools need to break their silos and connect what they teach

The dark side of technology: E-waste The trajectory of human development has witnessed a paradigm shift of the traditional, frugal communities into a modern, extravagant lifestyle. The market led global economy has given rise to consumerism. Electronic and Electrical Equipment (EEE)