Jwairia SaleemChallenges with having a fair testing system in the present times The impact of Covid-19 on student assessments If there is anything positive that could be said about the pandemic, it is the instantaneous adoption of technology, particularly by the education

Suman SamarthThe art of imparting knowledge through the traditional route of teaching which was once thought to be irreplaceable is being superseded by technology Over the past few years, all stakeholders in the learning process - students, teachers, and parents -

The education system has undergone a paradigm shift in the present generation with information readily available to the students at the press of a button. The focus has shifted to more on making sense of information, sharing and using it

The innovative methods in educational institutions have the potential not only to improve education, but also to empower people, strengthen governance and galvanize

Empowering Young People to Make a Difference More than half of the world’s population is currently under the age of 30, making this the biggest generation of children and young people the planet has ever seen. These young people are inheriting

Strengthening EQ and Raising Emotionally-Intelligent Kids A Bollywood movie could shake the teacher community with a strong message signalling the personality development of a little kid; this, also gave jitters to those who deal with generations of children with a rich

Looking at Technology as a Teaching Aid and Not as a Burden The 21st century is an era of technological changes. The use of technology can be considered as a necessary evil for the education sector. We cannot deny the benefits

School support staff includes the non-teaching staff members who provide specialised instructional support as well as support to students while they utilise their facilities. School support staff plays an important role to ensure that students are learning in a self

Introduction to Curriculum The word curriculum is derived from the latin word 'Currere' which means 'run' and it signifies a 'run away' or a course which one runs to reach a goal. Curriculum can be called the pivot around which various

Personal Learning Network A Personal Learning Network (PLN) in the context of a teacher can be defined as a formal or informal (mostly informal) network that consists of the members involved in same profession, subject or have same skill or expertise.