Every building needs a strong foundation. For Schools, it is the vision, goals and ethos they build during their years of existence. Building the school legacy rests on the shoulders of the principal. The Principal embodies the daily spirit with

This article by our student author provides an insight into importance of establishment of student councils in schools and what does it feel to be given an opportunity to actively promote school's objectives and address peer concerns. Sukanya Dubey is a

What is the similarity between a hospital and a school? – Both house Intensive Care Units (I.C.Us.); but what is “the” basic differ- ence between the respective I.C.Us.? One must have entry restricted and the other one “should NOT”: I

A recent WhatsApp message doing the rounds is as follows: ‘My kids message me ‘Plz’ which is shorter than ‘Please’. I reply ‘No’ which is shorter than ‘Yes’. This message must have made many smile. But there is a lot behind

“We must become the change we want to see”. This utterance of Gandhiji touches the innermost chords of our conscience, if we really understand its meaning and depth. We live in a dynamic world. Nothing remains static. There is an inevitable

The excited chatter of school girls, faces scrubbed squeaky clean, eyes twinkling with mischief, high pitched voices discussing what the day will bring, chequered skirts and ponytails

The voice of every girl child in India resonates with the words that demand their right for a barrier free, inclusive and equitable education. It is very evident today and extensive research has proved that girls and  women  are  at 

“All kids are capable of creative achievement in some areas of activity, provided that the conditions are right

August 29th marks the birth anniversary of Indian hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. Fittingly, this day was celebrated across the country as our National Sports Day. Schools organized their annual sports meets; the Rashtrapati Bhawan hosted a ceremony where the

“Life and Work in the 21st Century,” was an honors course seminar, I remember taking as a college student in the 1990s. For this very interesting course, one of my research papers was based on the work of futurist, Alvin