Seema Sapru Literary & cultural events which were once most anticipated events in the school calendar will too need to keep up with the current changes. How will schools now conduct these events?  Nothing stops for anyone, and despite the pandemic, a lot

What are the new systems and processes that had to be put in place once schools reopened? The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in at least one positive thing- a much greater appreciation for the tireless efforts of a teacher as parents

The advantages of having a well-planned teacher training calendar in schools • What is teacher training? What are the different types of teacher training? Teacher training essentially means capacity development of teachers that entails learning various competencies, skills, knowledge, tools and

The Essence of Parent and School Partnership In today’s highly-connected world, where most of the parents are well educated and are very much concerned about their child’s schooling, it is more important than ever to establish trust. One of the main

Unveiling the Essence and Importance of the ‘How’ of Teaching Over the ‘What’ of Teaching My father learnt that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; his father learnt it too, and today, I have learnt it

Why a sense of amicability towards approaching teachers & education is important for students People refer to a vicious cycle when it comes to poverty

Billions of students have stopped going to schools due to the COVID-19 closure, and as a result, are completely disconnected with their teachers and the learning process itself. During such times of social distancing and isolation, only the Multi-Faceted Tools

Teachers', Children and the Society When we talk about the overall development and growth of society and individual communities, one of the prime influencers are the teachers. The teacher, along with the parents of a child, moulds his/her thoughts, behaviour, and

Building Collaborative Relationships Collaboration between teachers to foster a network of professional learning communities has been a topic of discussion for years. While there are groups and communities of teachers who do collaborate, and share best practices for mutual professional

An Influential School Governance Model An ideal school can be built if proper goals underlining the accountabilities are laid down. They need to be accurate and must be based on practical points of view, measurable and effectively emphasising student growth which