Editor’s Speak

Leadership is the unifying element of a school. I would say a school is as good as its leader. The school so transparently reflects the attitude and the personality of its leader. The leader is one big element that can

Nothing stops for anyone, yet a lot has changed in the last few months. Physical learning has become virtual, teachers with a conventional mindset have become ‘nerds’ and ‘geeks’ and have mastered the art of conducting classes online. Life’s lessons

In today’s world where pedagogy is mostly uniform across schools, what sets a school apart?  Well, that is where the philosophy of education- particularly school education plays a part. The philosophy of education goes beyond books, curriculum and pedagogy. In

Education is a double-edged sword. Masterminds can utilise it to make or mar the world. It’s the trait of life that confronts you with values and varied ways of knowing the surrounding. It fortifies the mind and soul and allows