About Us

What we do

We make award-winning films, organise large-impact events, publish authoritative writing and deliver holistic research and training.

LXL Ideas, formerly Edumedia, impacts learning and creates experiences for students, parents and educators. For over two decades, we’ve brought about innovative methodologies to make lessons of life through our brands School Cinema, Krayon, Mentor, LXL Teach and Expressions Society. Spreading lessons of life through unconventional pedagogy, we prepare them to face the world; head on.

We have won many accolades and praises on our endeavour for a better tomorrow, some of which include the National awards, EEMAX award, Best Publication in education and Training awards.

Why we do it

LXL stands for Learning + Multiplied Learning = Exponential Learning.

While we learn everything from A to Z, the ‘X’ factor is often missing. At LXL Ideas, we focus on the ‘X’ factor. We dream of a day when the world of education and society acknowledges LIFE is the Mother of learning.

We dream of a time when everyone recognises that the focus of education should be learning for life and not just for livelihood.


How we do it

LXL Ideas fosters an open work culture where everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas that will change the world.

We LOVE what we do

We are INQUISITIVE, we ask questions

We are FREE to make things better

EMPATHY makes us responsible towards the world


Making lessons of life